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Meet The Brokers

John Shields    Both clients and associates have the potential to flourish in a environment created by John Shields, Principal of The Realty Advisory, Inc. "Our business model is solving 100% of the Real Estate issues for a select clientele. The depth of experience within the company has allowed us to grow while remaining true to our 100% service ideal for any client with whom we agree to work."


For thirty years John Shields has carefully recruited qualified staff and overseen Brokerage transactions yielding the client maximum returns, efficiencies and/or utility.


John's expertise in Development comes from working closely with some of the country's top corporations, as well as most local and regional firms, achieving the client’s real estate goal. Additionally, John has a  long personal track record of successful development/redevelopment in a wide assortment of product types, and maintains a portfolio of investment properties and partnerships.


In Consulting and Construction, John has worked side by side with developers, owners and as a principal in land use, permitting, adaptive re-use, financial analysis and valuation, and construction management.


This wealth of knowledge in the Commercial Real Estate arena provides a strong base from which The Realty Advisory can successfully service a wide variety of clientele.

Richard Catania    With a background in the Hospitality Industry for over thirty years as an owner, employer, restaurant designer and operator, Richard specializes in hospitality related business as well as other commercial and residential properties.


Having made the transition to the Commercial Real Estate business seamlessly, Richard has helped many of our clients fulfill their individual Real estate and business needs.


Richard utilizes his many contacts in the Cape and Islands business community to help assist clients in many ways.


In keeping with the Realty Advisory’s philosophy of confidentiality, expertise and professionalism, Richard works closely with John to bring a very strong and helpful understanding of the local business landscape.


He has a natural ability with interpersonal communication skills that is an invaluable resource to clients and offers consulting services as well.

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