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Request for representation by The Realty Advisory

Residential Buyer Representation

The Realty Advisory provides residential buyer representation to an exclusive group of clients.

This service is available by referral only. Please fill out the following form to descibe your needs, or call 508.775.6000.

With our depth of experience in the market, we at

The Realty Advisory continue to service our clients,

on a referral basis, as buyer’s representatives for residential properties.


This service line allows us to maintain the advisory services model when working with some of the decision makers of our existing client base.


It also gives us the opportunity to bring value to the residential process for the many personal friends and referrals that The Realty Advisory has developed as clients over the past 30 years.


If you have any interest in this service please use this email form or call The Realty Advisory anytime at 508.775.6000 for a full explanation of our services.

Thanks! Message sent.

Please complete this form and provide us with some details in the message box.

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