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Commercial Brokerage at The Realty Advisory

The Realty Advisory has thus designed a program whereby agents are personally invested in all areas of marketing, market knowledge, communication with clients, anticipation of problems and ethical interpretation of events. Our clients have complete access to any of TRA's principals, who are ultimately responsible for their real estate needs.

Some of our services include:


  • Buyer/Tenant Representation:  We understand that real estate represents one of the costliest operating expenses for most companies. That's why

       we take an aggressive 'portfolio approach' to reducing real estate costs. Using the latest technologies and resources, TRA works one-on-one with our          clients to develop a comprehensive and strategic analysis of options, opportunities and markets.

       For more in depth details read our article in the New England Real Estate Journal here.

      One of the tools we've developed working with many office tenants as their representative, is a space calculator. We use this when estimating the                 optimal amount of sq footage that is required. We are making a public version of this available. We hope this is helpful in your search for office space. 

  • 1031 Exchange:  A 1031 exchange makes it possible for investors to sell and buy property of like kind while deferring tax consequences.


  • Investment Property:  Whether you are looking for a property with value-enhanced potential, for your own business use or looking for a fully leased investment, we can help.


  • Relocation:  We can help find the perfect location for your business and negotiate the best terms for you.


  • Lease Renewal:  When it is time for you to renew your lease, we can save you money through negotiations to obtain leasing concessions such as free rent, refurbishment and options.


  • Re-Negotiation and Subleasing:  Do you have too much or too little space and still have time remaining on your lease? We can help. Maybe you can renegotiate or sublet your space.


Before beginning any lease re-negotiations, renewal or subleases, 1031 exchanges, or re-locations, please contact TRA for a free consultation.

Call  508.775.6000 or fill out a contact form. If you prefer an email address, please email Thank you for your interest in The Realty Advisory and its brokerage services.

TRA believes that the moderate size of our firm provides an excellent setting for personal communication between our commercial real estate agents and our principals. Details of real estate transactions are reviewed as they occur, always mindful of the fiduciary relationship between TRA's agents and clients. Our real estate practice strives to unite a commitment to ethical and professional representation with a dedication to personal attention and service.


Our portfolio approach is also about people - not just technology. We create custom teams for each client. These specialized teams are comprised of TRA professionals with keen knowledge of the real estate market and exceptional track records as advocates for our clients. We believe in the personal approach. Taking the time to know our clients personally and professionally and understanding their business is critical to helping them achieve their goals - and ours.


Our clients have said it best: The Realty Advisory has a “unique approach that yields unparalleled results”. We believe that those who have a vested interest in projects should be involved in overseeing them, ensuring that the quality of work will be superior.



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